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Inner Temple Space - Home & Body

Arriving at the pivotal Winter Solstice 2020, a beautiful group celebrated the completion of a 21-day Sacred Space journey - a mystical exploration dedicated to a Soul-deepening morning meditation and the creation of home altar temples that reflect the radiance of Inner Presence.

This process - dedicated to a body-mind and home space reset and purification - is mirrored here in the video below, revealing in the Holy Altars of the participants each Soul's beauty and personal prayers.

Enjoy! May you be inspired to receive what it is to feel renewal on the day of the Great Turning in the sky.

In the words of an indigenous elder, "The need to purify comes from the mistaken belief that we are all separate - separate from our bodies, separate from the Great Mother, separate from Spirit..."

Together, we restore our sense of connection to all things. And build temples to restore our faith. Blessed Be.


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