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Coming Home to HER

Falling In Love with Mother Divine

A non-denominational spiritual exploration in a loving circle of women

​Online Tuesday & Friday mornings

Oct. 31 - Nov 17, 2023

Find Your Way Home to HER... Through an inner journey of Connection, Creativity, Womb Presence and Soul Communion.

Dear Sister,

You may not know this yet. But YOU are a Wisdom Keeper of the Divine Feminine.

SHE is here to guide you home, back to that sacred center where you hear the whispers of

eternal truths, higher guidance, and powerful revelations.


Whatever your relationship is with HER, there is more. There is always more. 


By turning your attention toward Mother Divine, you will come to know yourself as HER and trust your

inner guidance as the final authority in your life journey.

In these turbulent times, there is no better medicine than Coming Home To HER. With her, you come to 

master your personal power so you can hold the frequency of love.

For your heart... for your beloveds in need...  and for the emergence of the New Earth.   


xo Neesa



Commune in sisterhood as a Wisdom Keeper of the Great Mother


Open to a deeper presence through your inner world


Cultivate outer expression by Creating prayer beads and sacred altars 

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Womb Garden Print out for class.png

In this Deep Feminine Exploration:

  • Dive into advanced meditation journeys to commune with the Great Mother

  • Journal and create as you take time to explore with HER

  • Make a prayer mala - infuse with your awakening codes and prayers

  • Create a beautiful altar in your home sanctuary to honor HER

  • Dive deep into the universal Wisdom Ways of the Feminine Divine

  • Reveal the beauty of Your unique Wisdom Channel in a circle of sisterhood


This invitation is for you if you are feeling the call to attune yourself to the light

and strengthen your spiritual muscle in these profoundly turbulent times.

Wherever you are on your path ... You are welcome here.

Divine Mother visitations have occurred frequently during Neesa’s programs.









"I am so thankful for Neesa's expert guidance, Presence, and the way she inspires our own spiritual connections and profound experiences!" - Laurel

 There are no words.

It’s all feelings - a gratitude release.


"This class has really broken me open and I don’t break easily. So thank you. Just like pulling out this beauty inside of me that I

have no idea I had." - Mary


Meet Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills

Neesa holding grail cup.jpg

Your Coming Home to HER Guide

Weaving her expertise as a ceremonial guide and healing facilitator of 30 years, Dr. Neesa is on a mission to inspire Divine remembrance during these critical times and shine light on the New Earth renaissance.

In addition to her Art Medicine and body-energy alignment expertise, she initiates women in the Priestess Arts and is the co-founder of Her Holy Temple, a mystery school for women.

She is a contributing author in the recently published Return to the Mother World: Ancient Feminine Wisdom in Times of Transition. 

Privately and in groups, Neesa guides awakening Souls to release unhealthy patterns and integrate higher octaves of consciousness. 

Neesa’s most recent temple offerings are informed by her channeled sacred geometry mandalas, each of which carries unique light codes integral to the global Feminine Awakening.

She co-creates with her clients both remotely and in-person from her home in mystical Mount Shasta, California.



Day 1 of this Falling in Love Journey - a ritual to connect with your feminine ancestral line.

Reach into the wisdom of the family line while the veils are thin this Halloween Day.


  • Tuesday, Oct. 31st.  9 am - 11 am Pacific - Opening ritual

 90-minute online sessions, Tuesdays and Fridays.  

  • November 3, 7, 10, 14 from 9 - 10:30 am PT

Final closing 2-hour Ceremony to Celebrate Your Communion

  • Friday, Nov. 17th. 9 am - 11 am PT

Your Investment $333

*** Your participation is welcome, even if you can't make each live class.

Recordings will be sent out after each online gathering. ***

Contact Neesa if finances are an obstacle. 

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