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Patience and Perseverance To Birth a Dream

Just like this whole process has been, cultivating my relationship with Linsi has been 'slo' southern style - same as the handcrafted products that come from her North Carolina Company.

It’s a pretty cool story of patience and perseverance actually.

After my initial spark of inspiration a couple years ago, I found myself on a mission to bring these vibrational designs to life onto meditation pillows. The problem was that I had no idea how - just a wing and a prayer.

Then one day as I was searching around online I found a how-to article on making zafu meditation cushions. Cool, I thought, but I’d sure like some real life mentorship from someone in the know. I had tons of questions…

So I just picked up the phone, hoping to connect with the author who wrote the article.

It turns out it was Linsi’s company, where she started making traditional Zen-style zafu cushions for 35 years ago. Friendly as the staff was, I was not exactly encouraged that I'd get to speak to the busy owner. I emailed her anyway.

Destiny? Luck? Linsi wrote back.

Slowly our communications began. She said she normally doesn’t answer these kinds of inquiries due to her busy schedule, but there was something inside nudging her to respond to me.

Our communications began when I was evacuated from my home in the Santa Cruz mountains with the imminent threat of fires. Lots of emails and phone calls. She was clear with me from the beginning that if her company might one day manufacture for me, it would be a slow (southern-style) get to know one other process…

This was new for me because I tend to be direct and want to move fast when I’m clear it is something I want to happen. Patience, Neesa!

Even when I wanted things to move faster, one thing I felt all along is a deep sense of gratitude that I been given this opportunity with a mentor. No matter how far things progressed, I was totally delighted by my connection with Linsi. Not knowing the future, of course, I just kept it in my prayerful vision that Carolina Morning would ultimately took on my project for production.

Now here we are a year later - most of the gnarly details ironed out and we are ready to launch my line of Portal Pillows.

Linsi and I have developed a sweet, mutual admiration over the past year, and I was thrilled when I finally met her and the team at Carolina Morning this summer.

What a blessing on so many levels… Her little company took on putting designs onto zafus for the first time ever, and I am now realizing my dream after some hard-earned perseverance.

These designs are my heart, streamed through meditative vision. That, of course, is the easy part, for me. Doing business in the 3D world is where things get challenging.

It’s been arduous at times, all the tiny details I’ve attended to with tweaking designs, trying out multiple fabric printers, endless conversations.

Now the zafus are finally ready to meet the world! 🌎 The next step… marketing and distribution.

I hope you can appreciate the journey and the heart behind it all. Each of these portal pillows carry a vibration for healing and awakening to advance the meditator to higher levels of consciousness. (Check them out here)

With impeccable support from my friend Linsi, these pillows are gorgeous, hand sewn on native soil in North Carolina and made from organically grown cotton.

Who knew that when I first picked up the phone to inquire about how to make zafus that I’d find friendship, guidance and real results - the synchronistic Universe working its magic again😘


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