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Manifesting with Crystal Grids

Crystal Grid

If you're attracted by crystals, you'd be amazed at what happens when you use them with a state of presence that is truly aligned with your heartfelt desires. I built the one shown here on the foundation of one of the Prayer Portal mats that I painted, but you could do it anywhere - on the earth, on cloth, a table or any type of sacred geometry foundation. A crystal grid is simply the laying out of stones in a geometric shape that supports universal alignment and fuels connection to Spirit. Crystals are transmitters. Just as crystalline chips activate the use of our electronic devices, crystals can be used to activate your mindful intentions and prayers. If you want to give it a try, be sure your crystals are clean and clarify your intention before you begin. There are lots of stones you can use for specific purposes, e.g. rose quartz for matters of the heart. Or you can simply follow your intuition. Focus, intention and alignment form the golden ticket when building any altar or sacred space.

The four basic steps to a building a radiant grid include:

  • Preparation

  • Choosing a shape and a surface

  • Laying it out mindfully

  • Powerful activation


Begins with articulating your intention. What in your life would you like support with – love, relationship, professional life, strengthening your spiritual connection, finding a new home…

Once you’ve clarified this, you can choose stones that resonate with your heart and be sure they are clean. Great ways to clean crystals include full moon bathing, fresh rain or alternating running hot and cold water water over them for about 10 minutes.


Working the geometry is a whole study in itself. For now, let’s keep it simple.

Geometry can be brought into your design in two ways – on the surface on which you’re building your grid and/or the rock layout itself. I suggest you tune into a pattern that feels aligned with your intention. You may like star patterns, the flower of life, circles, triangles, crosses or you may want to experiment with one of my prayer portals designs.

If I'm not outside tapping into the vibrance of the earth, I find that using a sacred geometry foundation adds a power boost to the crystal layout.


Once you have your supplies ready to go, still yourself with your breath in a meditative space with your intention clearly articulated, and begin laying out your pattern. Just follow your internal compass; there are no mistakes here. Feel free to move things around until it feels just right. You can consult other grid patterns online if you need some more understanding of this.


To turn on the power of your grid, it is important to energetically weave all the parts together, which will elevate the frequency of the entire layout. Activate your grid with high vibrational sounds such as tuning forks or a crystal bowl, or your own singing voice.

I like to use a crystal tip wand. The tip of the wand allows me to actually direct connections between each of the stones in my grid. When I do this, I build an invisible thread of energy from the center stone into the entire formation. Once that is done, the entire thing amazingly comes alive.

Honestly, as I sit here writing, I can feel the grid vibrating from across the room.

Grids are beautiful and powerful. So have fun fueling your prayers and intentions with these little earth helpers!!

The grid pictured above was made with an intention that I am choosing to hold quietly in my

heart. Notice the green adventurine stone and clear quartz crystals. Adventurine helps to clear and amplify the heart chakra; clear quartz can charge up absolutely anything. The center stone is a hexagon, a powerful building block shape in the natural world. It's points are directed into the lines pointing toward the chunks of green adventurine. I also added some dried cedar as a offering to the Divine.

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