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Inner Listening Is True Health

In these times when a scientific perspective has dominated the airwaves, I wonder how far this trend has taken us away from ourselves.

By ourselves, I mean that essential part of us that is innately attuned to inner wisdom, our bodies and the supreme order of the natural world.

As this inquiry is alive in me after just completing my New Year New You workshop, I’m passing along some wisdom nuggets from the group journey.

Consider this essential foundation as you reset yourself for 2022:

Your inner guidance is the key to your health, unfolding a Soulful life path and ultimately the collective spiritual awakening that will guide us to a New Earth. And getting to this inner voice requires some intentional steps to tune out the noise and hear what's inside you.

1. Commit to spending more time on the Earth in stillness. No agendas. Just being. Maybe with a sketchbook or a journal.

2. Give yourself a news fast for a week. Turn it off and turn on your inner channels instead.

3. Make meditation a daily practice. This can come in the form of sitting, walking, reflective writing or art making.

4. As you reflect on the barrage of viewpoints of others, invite your intuition to speak to you and ask yourself 'what’s really true?'

5. Consider journaling about the beliefs and programs that have become go-to ‘about life,’ and give yourself permission to change them.

6. Get into a new rhythm with your body’s wisdom and ask your body what it needs to be healthy and vibrant. Don’t just take the word of the ‘experts.’

No doubt the last couple of years have been downright scary. But as things are cooling down, how about taking time out from the intensity of external information and recalibrate to your own center?

After all, the world in fear of a virus these last two years is actually a raging symptom of an unhealthy ecosystem crying to return to nature. Restoring health begins on the inside, and then we can see clearly to reset our collective priorities and recalibrate with nature’s perfect design.

Creating the New Earth requires clear vision and a willingness to actively dream it in so we can break free of the systems and constructs that have been holding the old one in place.


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