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The World Needs Your Light this High Holy Season

The Holy Season is upon us once again, as we stand through together hip deep in a massive collective Dark Night of the Soul.

December holidays and Solstice season has always been a time of reflection for humanity - giving us a glimpse of the dance of the dark and the light moving through the cycles of nature, and inspiring our innate human longing to celebrate the return to the light.

If you zoom out beyond your inner circle of family and friends, you will see us all as part of a larger-than-life tango dance between the forces of dark and light. It is an epic dark night of the collective soul, just waiting for more light to shine and reveal its true nature.

Just what is happening when you look through the lens of a collective Dark Night of the Soul? What is your part is this grand opportunity for evolutionary healing? Are you ready to carry the light this holiday season?

Just as any inner dark night process will bring us to our knees, begging for life change - changes designed by our Souls to spiral us up to the next level of spiritual evolution - the same is true with this collective process.

The very fabric of our collective values is being challenged.

It is a critical time when humanity is being asked to step into something greater, a more spiritually evolved version of our group consciousness that requires each of our sovereign presence.

As we move through these times together, we are also called out personally. We are all part of the one, so I bring forth some questions for your own evaluation.

What do you stand for? What is your part is this planetary change? What needs to shift in you to support a spiraling upward for the collective reality? Is there something that needs to die inside?

Personal dark nights are monumental, pivotal points in the spiritual journey that illuminate the things that need to change in our lives. It’s not about making wrong where we were before but trusting that by shining the light on the darkness, we can see our way forward without regret.

It is the ultimate time of reflection and self-inventory that predictably reveals where things are out of alignment with that of our highest path.

As a woman committed to breaking through the walls of darkness, I have made it a life path to explore the shadows, to consciously cultivate divine connection and follow the inner guidance that emerges.

One of the ways I have been guided is to bring people together to ignite the light and to create powerful sacred spaces, as I have done consistently over the last year and a half with Meditate & Create groups I have offered online.

I am now understanding something even deeper about this calling I’ve been given as my part in moving to the other side of the planetary dark night…

· It’s an invitation to create transmitters of light in physical spaces.

· To set a resonant frequency at home that not only lights you up but sends light out into the world.

· This commitment to setting up a light portal at home is also a commitment to being the light.

· Choosing this path to stream light through a home sacred space is a prayer for planetary awakening.

As I’ve been with this prayer and practice within the walls of my home and my sacred body temple, I see NOW as a key moment, this very Holy Season.

To learn more about how to bring the light and generate a high-vibe home, you can download my free e-book to get you started. Link.


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