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Ignite Your Temple space

Sacred Altar Practices for Conscious Creators
A 7-day Meditation & Manifestation Journey

Spiritual traditions have long understood that space matters, that setting up high vibrational environments holds a key to the inner peace and expanded consciousness of Soul advancement. 

Intentionally created space becomes a powerful container for your personal evolution and is a direct reflection of your inner Self - as on the outside, so it is on the inside, and vice versa.

Taking purposeful steps to activate your altar space activates your inner spiritual power too, and anchors your commitment to being a portal for the light in the world.

By creating clear pathways for elevated energies to move through your home, you are setting yourself up for success, to claim the healthy, prosperous, soul-aligned life you are seeking.


Ignite Your Temple Space?

This Guided 7-day series will get you Aligned and Connected so you can generate a powerful

Transmitter of Light in your Home Sanctuary

Make your home feel like a Temple...

so it vibrates like a sacred tuning instrument 

  • Commune with the life force and the spiritual beings of the land where you live

  • Get to know the 'spirit' of your home

  • Clear away old energies from your home space and open your heart to inspiring new creative flow

  • Activate your inner guidance systems to reveal your optimal sacred space that meets your Soul's highest presence 

  • Move through Neesa's channeled altar portals as a path to greater spiritual resonance within

  • Experience the synchronistic power of being in a community of like-minded Souls

The Ignite Your Temple Space experience is
a luminous pathway for you to
  • Open Up a Prosperity Portal
  • Transform your home into a beacon of Light
  • Wire your home for health and wealth
  • Uplevel your health resonance
  • Clear Resistance and hidden sabotage
  • Increase joy of renewed beauty all around you