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Embodying the Priestess

A Divine Feminine Archetypal Painting Journey

A colorful and creative 7-week journey to integrate the Priestess within he living priestess within

Find Your Way Home to Her through an archetypal study of Imagination, Creativity, Divine Self, Timeless Wisdom and Soul Destiny 

Awaken Your Priestess to her next wordly assignment
in a community of waking women. Together with this interactive
Art as Medicine Experience on Zoom. 

  • Come to know thyself as 'Priestess' - bringer of magick 

  • Dive deep into the universal Wisdom Ways of the Feminine Divine

  • Reveal beauty through Your Wisdom Channel onto a huge canvas 

  • Refine Your Intuition so you will create life & art as a conduit of Spirit 

  • Take away a Medicine Painting - infused with your awakening codes

  • Give voice through image from the sacred place Beyond Words

Six Sundays on Zoom - 3 hours each gathering  
September 26th, Oct 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and November 7th
10 am - 1 pm Pacific Time
*Class Recordings will be sent after each workshop for review and make-up
Register for $555

*the 555 number behind the cost aligns with freedom, change & adventure
IMG_2540 (1).jpeg
IMG_2540 (1).jpeg

The Priestess

“She Who Is Keeper of the Keys and Guardian of the Mysteries.

 The priestess is the feminine archetype of stillness, silence and centered presence. From this female receptive place, she becomes the keeper of the keys, the guardian of the female mysteries; only from the place of inner stillness can divine knowing actually flow. The Priestess’ transcendent function in the Mystery is she represents the universal flow of the divine feminine and balance within that flow; through intuition and feeling she is a guide into the unseen realms."

~ Ariel Spilsbury

Once registered, you will receive a list of supplies you will need to pre-order online or go to a local art shop. 
*Pre-registration is important to allow time to gather the art materials needed to make your journey to your Priestess center a successful experience

Dearest Priestess, 
You may not know this yet. But you are the Keeper of the Wisdom Ways of the Divine Feminine, and your personal keys
are just waiting to be revealed. If you were to tune in with your priestess self and just listen, here is what she would tell you. 


I AM... 

A living conduit for infinite divine feminine wisdom... A midwife who brings life from beyond the veils...The keeper of the keys to the collective ascension...The one who responds to the cries of the world... An infinite source of timeless wisdom... She who bestows blessings on the earth and all beloved beings... Your true Self...

And if you were to join hands with her in this Art as Medicine experience,

What else would be revealed about your unique and precious Priestess journey? 


Your 'Embodying the Priestess' Guide
Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills

Neesa is a certified teacher of Intentional Creativity (IC), a worldwide painting movement focused on bringing inner spaces into physical form. Her take on IC is called Art as Medicine, a foundational tenet of her work with clients and students to empower self-awareness, body-mind transformation and creative spiritual awakening. She has worked as a healing professional and ceremonial guide for 30 years, and is the co-founder of Her Holy Temple, a mystery school for women.

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