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3 Ways to Keep it Keep It Clear - Sound, Scent and Rocks

Have you ever noticed what it feels like to enter a space that’s been closed up for awhile? Or how it feels in your body when you enter a room after there’s been an argument or some kind of deep emotional release?

The contracted or sick feeling you get is a response to stagnant energy - and there are simple ways to shift this so that spaces are restored to feeling light and crisp, as it typically feels outside in nature. This is a big reason why being outside feels so restorative.

Just as energy moves through our bodies, it also moves through spaces, and there are qualities of energy we might call light and heavy, There is a clear difference between these simple sensations if you take a moment to tune into your body as it relates the space around you.

The energy of space has a powerful effect on your natural sense of well being. When you feel off, it might not actually be about you at all after all. Keeping your space clear is an important piece of the puzzle and is a simple way to support yourself in achieving inner harmony.

If you’re feeling tired, depressed, apathetic or downright negative, you will be amazed how quickly that can change with a good space clearing. While there are some situations that may require space clearing expertise, there are plenty of ways to work with energy on a daily basis to keep things light and flowing.

Below are a three simple ways you can change the energy of the space around you in your home or work place. And you don’t have to be psychic or an energy wizard to do it either!

Just as water becomes stagnant and pools in areas that don’t flow, energy does the same thing - especially in the corners of rooms. So pay extra attention to corners while you use these methods. Ultimately what you are doing with each of these techniques is the same: shifting the invisible frequencies within the space to purify and lighten the space.

Just give it a try. It doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need it focused intention and a few simple tools you may already have in your home.

My top three recommendations for space clearing include working with sound, scent and crystals. In each case, I suggest you begin with the intent to clear your space, ground and center yourself and move through the room with your tools in a clockwise direction. The bonus is that as you clear your space, you are also clearing yourself.

1. Sound - The power of sound can shift energy through the use of tuning forks, chimes, a bell, a gong, a drum, even by clapping your hands. I often circle a room with tuning forks, giving extra attention to the corners, around desks and tables and any places where people may have released emotional charge. As I hold my focus, I continue sending the vibrations of the tuning forks into any area until a palpable shift occurs.

2. Scent - There are options for using scent to clear energy, including burning sage or palo santo, aura sprays and essential oil diffusion. Diffusing oils is a nice way to keep a space feeling clear and crisp, while the sprays and burning with intention is more direct in shifting energy. As Native Americans have traditionally burned sage to clear the energy fields of people, burning sage directed to a physical space with a feather is a great way to remedy stagnation in a space.

Another useful herb for elevating frequencies that is gaining popularity is a South American resinous wood called Palo Santo. Burning this small stick of wood has a sweet smell and clears through the air quickly, while sage can have a lingering scent that not everyone enjoys. For those with sensitivity to smoke, these same herbs can be found in the form of aura sprays, readily available in shops and online.

3. Crystals can be incredibly effective in keeping spaces clear. A pointed crystal wand can be a useful tool to direct energy for clearing, while proper placement of crystals in a space provides support in maintaining a lighter sense of space in any room.

My favorite crystal for this purpose is called selenite because this rock seldom need clearing due to its atomic nature. Many other crystals require maintenance to keep them from collecting stagnant energy, so if they’re not being refreshed often enough they can’t do their job.

In addition to these 3 ways for space clearing, decluttering is powerful and truly essential for ultimately shifting the vibration of a physical space. Spaces overly concentrated with material objects and old papers drag you down because objects that have outworn their welcome become magnets for stagnant energy. So keeping it light takes on a new meaning here - lighten your load in your environment and your energy will feel lighter too!

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