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Stealth Nutrition in the Face of It All

It’s definitely not my style to use scare tactics, and I hate being prophetic or salesy. But after reading an article today about a laundry list of pharmaceuticals found in wild salmon off the coast of Seattle, and another news blast revealing glyphosphate in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, I can longer be silent.

Of course, we feel sad and disheartened! But then what?

Everyone I speak to wants to eat well, and most believe that they do. But are you really getting proper nutrition, with news findings such as this revealing toxins we can’t even see being found in our foods?!

It’s always made me uncomfortable to talk about things like this, and now it’s making me uncomfortable not to let you know what I know! What I know is that plant-based foods grown organically are more important than ever, whether you are vegetarian or not.

I’ve recently partnered with a company that allows me to share organic superfood nutrition that is both easy to use and easy to assimilate. (Please email me if you want to know more).

Our food supply is in trouble. Food matters to our moods, energy, function, a chance at healthy longevity and the very clarity of consciousness. How I felt this morning after eating something yesterday that I know not to best for my system, really showed me again how food intake can affect everything, including my ability to get a good night’s sleep.

While this cue was rather immediate, the scary part of the hidden toxins such as glyphosphate in grains and pharmaceuticals in fish, is their insidious nature that slowly errodes health. Who knew that the flesh of salmon could contain traces of Prozac, Benadryl, Lipitor and cocaine?!

Glycophosphates found in Ben and Jerry’s is the same stuff that is being widely used on GMO grain crops. Despite corporate claims that these crops are safe, research is beginning to reveal just how these toxins harm living organisms. Studies done on rats in recent years have revealed that those fed GMO corn became obese and many developed cancers and other digestive tract disorders. If you want know more about this, Dr. Mercola has posted details of the these findings.

Organically sourced, superfood nutrition is our future -- until and unless our food supply can be recovered. The foods I’m recommending are sprouted blends for easy digestion, and provide a blast of energy that eliminates the need for morning caffeine. There’s also a powerful weight loss and health revitalization program that provides an easy detoxification protocol. Reach out if you’d like to know more. There's a special price offer through July.

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