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The Five Altar Portals
Sacred Gateways to Expanding Consciousness 

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New Earth Generator

 Support Earth Mother Gaia and your own spiritual  ascension by connecting with the 5th-dimensional energies coming through Mt. Shasta. This portal holds keys to the time of this great turning. 

*not yet available for sale*

Star Mother 

Let the geometry of this portal open you to the sweet loving energy of the Great Mother so you can hear her voice and experience yourself as a beautiful expression of her. Meditation on the Star Mother brings revelation about your unique earth walk and opens a compassionate presence.

*available as Portal Pilow

Diamond Heart

Activate the purity of Christ consciousness and upgrade your heart presence by meditating with this channeled geometric design. Open the gateway for you to feel yourself as an emissary of the emerging Christed heart on Earth. 

Cosmic Waters high res translucent backg

Cosmic Waters

Activate your inherent wisdom so you can see your truth clearly, and attune to the higher energies beyond the veil. Connecting with this portal opens an elevated vibration, opening an access point to the brow chakra and the healing of the waters of your precious body temple.

*available as Portal Pilow​* 

WombGarden low res png.png

Womb Garden 

Awaken your deep feminine power by tapping into your womb wisdom, deepening your intuition and sensuality. Journey through the WombGarden Portal and access the purity and innocence of the your sacred womb, both a physical and energetic space to elevate the divine feminine power within.

*available as Portal Pilow

See How to Make Some Magick with the portals (below)

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