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Where to in the 2020 Current

As I sat by this river this morning, I heard the question: Where is the current carrying you?

So I bring this inquiry to you. iIf you were to let go of where you "think" your life should be, where would the current move you?

Before you let your practical self answer, allow yourself the space to acknowledge what's been arising in your life that truly moves you, that activates a spark of joy in your heart, that makes you feel excited to be alive. Even if it doesn't make sense, give it voice. Give it a chance.

This kind of life movement from intuition is what led me to be able to stand in this incredible spot this morning, this insanely gorgeous place in my neighborhood forest where I actually get to live. Are you kidding; pinch me -:)

I must tell you that this way of moving through life rarely comes with instructions on the final destination, so it can be scaaary. How you know you're on the right path is by following the clues that come in the form of insights, joyful impulses and the sparkle of attraction.

I had a good laugh with an old friend about her recent experience pushing against this impulse - dancing with her true desire and the naysayer that lives in her head. Can you relate?!

She shared that she was soooo excited about a big creativity course she wanted to take. But then, along came the voice of naysayer who wanted to shut her down with a million reasons why the whole idea was impractical. I don't have time. I don't have the money. I'm too old. Bla bla bla...

We both giggled with the knowing that when the spark is there she needed to say YES, and she did.

It's funny how we do this to ourselves. But really, on a serious note, it's not that funny when we bypass the truth of our heart and soul, and give up what we are here for because of the limitations we manufacture in our own minds. I am certain that tendency toward not listening is a big part of the problem in our troubled world.

Please stay with me here, this is important to understand this to have for the juicy life we all long to create.

If we are here to serve our highest callings, is it really an option to shut down the voice of Spirit that moves us? As women, when we align with that higher calling, it translates to greater health, happiness and spiritual connection, Then we are on board to actually best serve the world around us.

This is how we are made. When we follow the clues pf what lights us up from the inside - even when it doesn't seem practical - our actions deliver us to things that later make the most sense.

So what's in the current for you if you were to let go of the walls and flow? What are the things that are turn on your creative spark? Can you get behind it and trust that all the resources you need will become available when you say yes to yourself?

As I've said yes, one by one the five paintings of the creative awakening portal types came through my paint brush - now a magical system I use to serve other women to find alignment with the current moving inside them. Plus a whole lot of very cool visions to implement these offerings in 2020!

What's it going to take for you to step into your biggest, most amazing, creative, on-purpose, feminine wise woman self as you enter 2020?

The wisdom inside you already knows what you need to carry you forward:)


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