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Eureka! Results Reveal Over Time

I woke up one morning recently with completely fresh eyes. It was a Eureka moment that flooded me with joyful insight, and a profound sense of inner shift.

As I looked around my bedroom, eyes barely yet open, I was viewing a gallery of paintings that have moved through my paintbrush and I knew in an instant that everything had changed - my entire life, my perception, my sense of Self, how I move through my days.

I recognized in that moment how much has shifted because of the art on my walls. I recognized that I'd been 'marinating' in the transformational paintings that surround me each day, and at night while I sleep.

I felt clearly in that moment that these images that have come through me over the last couple of years have been slowly shifting my consciousness in the subtle realms of my mental, emotional and spiritual Self.

The step-by-step process of the Intentional Creativity painting approach that I've studied, and now teach others, is designed to shift consciousness, yes. They do that for each person, each time.

Yet something more profound happens in the larger picture.

For me, it I saw the huge and beautiful picture when I suddenly woke up that morning and saw the changes that have been happening in my life since I began taking this path seriously by enrolling in the teacher training program a year and 1/2 ago.

It's not just the experience of making one painting, it's the ongoing journey of art as medicine that I grok now as so utterly profound. All of this has opened up my consciousness in all areas of my life, and I love that I get to guide students through this experience.

I see it all in my overall sense of inner peace, joy, clarity of life direction, being a clear channel for the prayer portal mandala healing mats I create as well as expanding my visionary self in private healing sessions. It's truly amazing!

Friends, I've been a healing arts practitioner and a serious journeywoman on the path of a consciousness, health and spiritual awakening for nearly 30 years now, having immersed myself in countless hours and dollars in trainings and personal practices. But something was missing.

I had no idea that I'd stumble onto this creativity path after letting everything in my life fall away for the long sabbatical I took a few years ago. I had done many things, but not nearly enough creativity practice to satisfy my Soul.

I discovered that the missing piece of the puzzle on my journey was indeed spiritual practice through art making. As my teacher Shiloh Sophia says, there is magic that happens when you tap into your creative center with intent of new discoveries. So then when we draw this inner world out into form, boom, transformation happens.

I believe that imagery work on a part of the mind we call the subconscious. The colors, the shapes, the energy and intent that went into visioning and crafting visual art forms, carry messages that speak to us beyond conscious thought. I know the images I create impact others, but for me they are actual reflections of my inner world that I have intentionally called forth to be expressed externally.

It makes total sense that I've found more peace, more joy, more inner alignment and heightened awareness, when you consider the intent that I've put into these creative practices. With names to these paintings like - Revealing the Unrevealed, Priestess Presence, Awaken and Star Mother - it becomes clear how the works of art parallel my inner changes.

I am deeply grateful to Shiloh and the entire Intentional Creativity community. I thank you from my deepest heart. It takes a village of us doing this together to make the real difference.

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