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Paint it Out - Child's Play

Sometimes things just aren't clear, and it's easy for the mind to take over - ruminating and trying to 'figure it out.' Can you relate? I know we've all been there. And it's draining - quite literally. This kind of mental immersion actually drains life force energy, leaving us feeling exhausted and spinning. After years of this, I've discovered that this is the time to turn to creativity.

For me, it's painting, like I did this weekend. For you, it may be music, dance or upgrading your natural connection with a walk in the trees or on the beach. It's important to remember that we are creative beings with bodies and that need to move freely in order to keep us connected to the flow of life.

From this flow, answers arise naturally.

I worked on two paintings this weekend, including this cut loose image. There's something incredibly liberating about painting as a conscious healing practice, holding an adult presence AND the freedom of child's play.

This is a glimpse at my personal process when I need to just let it rip, dancing, drumming, painting, praying, releasing!!! While it was crazy fun, there are some serious intentions laid into this first stage of a painting process called 'Imagine,' holding space here for me to express and reclaim my life's vision.

Other times I want to be still and render the precision of mandala image making. Both are important aspects of life - focus AND shake it up!

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