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Step into Spring Feeling Light and Clear

Spring has finally sprung with weather that is ushering summer. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably feeling a bit slow and sluggish in your cold weather body.

As I write, I am emerging from a simple, inexpensive cleanse that has brought the bounce and lightness back to my body, my energy and my mental clarity. Here’s how I did it.

The key ingredient is liquids, and very light eating. Make a commitment to give your digestive tract a rest and reset by limiting consumption this way:

  1. One daily green smoothie (no fruit) with a scoop of a vegan protein powder, chia seeds or flax powder.

  2. One light dinner salad. You could also do a simple green vegetable soup if your body does better with cooked foods.

  3. Fresh pressed vegetable juice throughout the day, whenever you feel hungry. This adds up to 8 – 16 ounces of juice.

If you don’t have a juicer, you can do it the way I did by taking my mason jars to the local juice bar and having them fill a large jar or two at a time. A well-sealed, refrigerated jar of juice will stay fresh for 2-3 days.

I recommend three days on this light fare, which can easily be done over a weekend. By the third day, I suspect you’ll be feeling great and less concerned about all that you’ve been missing out on – carbs, sugar, caffeine, animal proteins – so heading out into the world on a Monday won’t be so hard.

Honest warning here: you will probably feel grumpy and hungry for the first two days, which is a great opportunity to feel into your personal matters of emotion, energy patterns and habits that are no longer serving your best self.

As it happens, I did my cleanse while immersed in a very intense intentional creativity process – exploring inner questions, painting and journaling my way through the healing doorway. A truly profound and amazing way to lighten your load!

The juices serve to give you easy nutrition, plus are detoxifying. So, you may want to consider adding a daily enema or a colonic to support the bowel to move and clear out the gunk that tends to accumulate there.

Other key pieces to this reset cleanse:

  • Take a good probiotic once or twice a day. Lactobacillus is often a good one that will serve well for most people.

  • To support bowel detoxification, you may add some bentonite clay or herbs that help to clear the bowels.

  • Go easy coming back into foods. On my fourth day, I continued with the juices and added a light vegetable soup. On day five, I continued with light fare, having a salad for lunch and added a small amount of turkey to my vegetable plate at dinner.

  • Go Slow. Give yourself time to do this when external pressures are minimal. Make it a mini home retreat for yourself.

  • If you feel weak, drink some more water or juice. Rest.

  • Refrain from heavy exercise. Walking, light stretching, and easy Yoga is fine.

  • If you are addicted to caffeine or sugar, begin backing off on these during the week before your reset cleanse. It will make the experience much more pleasant.

If you have questions or need some extra support with clarifying specifics that will serve your unique body, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email:

I trust you’re going to love how you feel on the other side. You may even want to keep going for another few days! It’s incredible what happens when you give yourself the gift of a health reset! As a consummate cleanser, I can attest to how much these practices have helped me continue to feel great into my 50s!

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