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Soul Discovery in the Bay Area

This photo I shot last week in Half Moon Bay reflects the journey I've been on the last couple of years -- an open road into an unknown place of profound beauty! I've discovered a new sense of freedom, as I've traveled, written, painted and expanded into new ways to support the people who come to me on the healing journey of life.

I bring the wisdom of Soul Discovery now to my work, weaving this insight into my expertise with body healing, since the two parts really can never truly be separated.

The journey hasn’t always felt easy breezy. There is discomfort in being unrooted in the face of the unknown. Yet it has been rich in inner currency, as I've dropped into the depth of my Soul to listen for what's calling next. Not surprising then that the work I'm now offering includes transformational Soul Journey sessions and the creation of painted altar mats to fuel the Soul.

Reflecting on my years in chiropractic, along with the ways of western medicine, I am acutely aware of a gap in our culture that is longing to be filled. So many people are suffering from disconnection to the deep part inside that we call Soul, our infinite nature that came to earth to experience life in a body, to be expressed and shared with others.

We’ve been trained that body and soul are somehow separate, but they’re not. The more we hold this view, the deeper the wounds of separation tear us apart and hurt our bodies too. There is so much depression, anxiety and sickness that is a result of achy, unexpressed Souls.

I understand that the all of this is complicated by a divisive, fast-moving world riding us all with the pressure of stress, toxic air, food and water, and seemingly irreversible physical damage to the earth and our bodies.

Yet, everyone I meet is alive with longing to help, to contribute the gifts that are reflected through the subtle cues of the Soul. I believe we are here to create, to get to know ourselves deeply and express through how we care for our beloveds and the greater community.

I am grateful for the skills and knowledge I have acquired to be able to support people on multiple levels – body, mind and soul. As I move into my next phase of giving, I am called to deepen how I express my own sovereign soul and offer this gift to others through my work in the world.

I am available for in person and remote private sessions, personal ceremony – and woo hoo - I launched my first two art pieces for home and ceremonial use online last week with an Etsy store. The paintings at SacredDoorways are what I call Altar Mats, for meditation, ceremony, prayer and healing spaces. I’m excited for you to check it out and let me know what you think.

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