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Death and My New Book

Vulnerability and life seasons are as natural as the rising sun – but neither are highly regarded in our western world. The last two plus years of my personal journey has taught me a great deal about the profound beauty of both of these things, as I have learned to embrace my emotions and the changing tides of the life journey.

Before I share more, I’m excited to announce that a part of my personal healing journey is now available in a recently published book called “Warrior Women With Angel Wings: Stories of Love, Hope Courage and Angels.” These beautiful stories of ordinary women moving through life challenges is an inspiring collection of how difficult passages provide huge opportunities for growth.

My contribution to this anthology talks about an inner flowering in the midst of a season of death, a place a good friend speaks of as the void. (The book is available here if you’d like to read more of my journey to Hawaii). Death, I discovered is not an end. It is a necessary season, as is winter when plants go dormant and animals become more still.

It seems on the surface to be a no-brainer when we live on a planet ruled by seasons. Yet there is a tremendous contrast of this natural phenomenon with the beliefs of our modern culture. There is an incessant expectation drilled into us at an early age to always be in full bloom, like a gorgeous rose that never sheds her petals or has her branches pruned to a barely recognizable form. And when you’re not in full bloom, the unspoken message is definitely don’t let anyone know, and never show your “weakness.”

The intensity of moving through such a life season is difficult enough without the pressure of a feeling wrong and isolated in the process. I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where all people shared openly about the seasons of winter in their lives, held gently by community that understands the predictability that spring and summer await on the other side of winter.

My friend who shared about being in the void expressed such relief when she realized that this is just a juncture in her creative life process. It brought her joy when she was able to release judgement about the apparent lack of action in her work life, and embrace the reality that new life is born from the dormancy of winter.

I took on for myself a vulnerability challenge on Facebook recently, deciding to share publicly about the soft spots inside my season of reinvention. It’s been an incredibly affirming process, and I’ve been amazed by the gratitude and support others have shown for this open sharing.

I look forward to a new world that recognizes all of the faces and seasons of the human experience, as the consciousness revolution continues to unfold so we can let rest the mentality of the survival of the fittest that has dominated our reality for far too long.

I look forward to a new world that recognizes all of the faces and seasons of the human experience, as the consciousness revolution continues to unfold and we let rest the survival of the fittest mentality that has dominated our reality for so long.

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