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Better Nutrition to Channel Your Light

I felt so great on this cleanse, I can hardly wait to do it again! Detoxing the body and providing a big rest for the digestive system is an age-old, beneficial practice that not only supports physiology, but creates renewed clarity in the body’s energy field.

Being a healthy channel to fulfill a sense of purpose in the world is multi-faceted, touching into commitment to express the Soul’s path on this life journey and contribute to enliven a world to be more awake, more aware and more heart centered.

My spiritual mission is first for me, but definitely requires a clear and healthy body temple. When I feel the renewal that comes with a nutritional cleanse, it paves the way for enhanced intuition, emotional clarity, a clear channel for meditation and a huge burst in energy that so many complain is missing in their lives.

Yet each time I commit to stepping into a cleanse period, I find myself facing the typical experience of human resistance that happens whenever change is afoot. It’s curious to me how we humans get nervous, and even say ‘no,’ to the things that might actually be the answer to our prayers, the things that pave the way for greater health, ease, love and expanded energy, allowing us to actually accomplish the things that naturally arise from our passionate hearts.

Nutritional cleansing is something I’ve done frequently throughout my many years as a health care provider, and the ones with solid protocols predictably have led me through a few bumpy days that then delivered me to feeling myself more deeply, my passion, my power, my connection to the world around me. Even when the mind experiences confrontation, this recent cleanse I’m so excited about provides plenty of nutrition, so the body never feels deprived.

Diving into a detox program that requires some austerity around normal eating habits can and will bring to the surface emotions that often are buried by food. As I’ve watched clients move through these protocols, I see that the internal issues they may have been unwilling to face will arise to be witnessed. While feelings create discomfort, it most certainly feels much better on the other side when we feel and recognize what had been trying to get our attention all along.

I’ll be dropping into another cleanse this summer, and would love to share this superfood nutrition practice with anyone feeling the call to better health, more energy and expanded personal awareness! This one is a winner, I can firmly say after experiencing many cleansing systems.

If you feel moved by this blog and feel it has touched a desire inside you to explore a health transformation, please drop me an email at If you’re on the fence, let’s talk and maybe do it together! This detox process can be done independently, or with the amazing support provided by a group moving through the same process. Looking forward to watching what emerges for you!

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