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World Water Day and Your Holy Waters

The idea of clean water may seem daunting, especially in light of the recent battle at Standing Rock between Native Americans gathering peacefully for clean water, and corporate interests pushing for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

But there is something you can do, today on World Water Day, and every day!

Water is indeed Life, making up an estimated 80 percent of our physical bodies. Water inside and outside of us carries memory and is imprinted by the consciousness of thoughts and emotions that either support or oppose a flourishing body.

Beyond the filtration of toxins, one of the most powerful tools you have for your health is how you interface with the water you drink!

Water crystals responding to sound and prayer.

We all have the ability to be positive and hold a space of Love and Gratitude.

When we do this, our waters are transformed. The photos above show the formation of water crystals, each responding to a particular vibrational signature, through music and words.

These images are based on the research of Dr. Masura Emoto, who discovered that even a word pasted on a water bottle can change the structure of water contained inside. Click for more information about Dr. Emoto's work.

Many global religions have practices to bless water in ceremonial settings. But what if you could make water Holy every time you take a drink? A beautiful practice of Native Americans is to pray with the first drink of water of the day, offering some to the earth and then drinking the rest yourself.

The first drink of water in the morning is also recommended by many health professionals for a baseline hydration infusion to the brain. This water should be the first thing ingested, and should be pure, clean and unadulterated.

If it's true that earnest prayer transforms water crystals, then this morning practice is a no brainer. You might even consider putting your water for the day in a gallon-size glass container and infusing this with thanks and love.

Then all the water you drink throughout the day will already be Holy Water! A full gallon is recommended for the day, consuming at least the amount of fluid ounces equal to the your body weight each day. Eg., 120 pounds, 120 fluid ounces of clean, clear, water.

Dr. Emoto's studies demonstrated that even toxic water can be restored to health with prayers of Love and Gratitude! This said, it is best to start with the cleanest water you can for ingestion, hopefully from a good quality water filter, avoiding disposable plastic water bottles.

These throw away bottles are toxic to us through the leaching of plastic into our water, and toxic to our planet by their contribution to the already daunting volume of plastic trash.

World Water Day is a time to be reminded to hold a vision and be in action for clean water for all of Life on our blue planet. And how we interface with the water we ingest has a direct connection to health of the waters within.

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