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Missing Body Key To Living On Purpose

If you really want to be healthy….

To be living a full purposeful life and be able to deeply feel your spiritual connection , your body must provide the necessary fuel. When you’re feeling anxious, tired, foggy, and depressed, and your doctor says your fine, or just try this antidepressant drug, more than likely your doctor has seriously missed the mark.

There is an epidemic in this country of hidden autoimmune disease, which can present in unsuspecting ways, including brain fog, depression, anxiety, headaches, chronic fatigue, achy joints, eczema, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and thyroid disorders. Other symptoms may include gut troubles such as diarrhea, constipation, cramping and gas.

The biggest autoimmune trend is linked to the thyroid gland, which is important for all body functions!

These problems are often overlooked, or lab testing may not detect the problem, or get to the actual source. It’s important to know that you can get to the root with persistence! A good place to begin is with a gluten elimination diet for a minimum of two weeks, and consider a plan to rebuild the foundational health of the gut.

While there are several other foods that may be triggering autoimmunity – a response by the body to attack its own tissues – gluten is most often a primary offender. Gluten free is not just about being trendy.

Grains containing this seemingly harmless protein are responsible for an epidemic of illness, especially how the grains are processed in the United States. And once this molecule is identified as an offender within a weakening human bio system, a cascade of other related foods can trigger the immune system too.

Here are some key things to know:

  • Gluten containing grains are wheat, barley, rye, spelt and oats.

  • Gluten sensitivity may not show up as an actual "allergy," according to medical labs and diagnosis.

  • Gluten sensitive bodies often develop a similar reaction to a host of other foods, e.g. corn, sesame, dairy products, soy.

  • Wheat isolates are used as fillers in many prepared foods that you may not expect, even in cheap red wine.

  • Gluten reactions can lead to leaky gut syndrome and a long list of autoimmune diseases, in which the body destroys its own tissues.

If your inner skeptic can't imagine how it is possible that foods humans have been consuming for generations are suddenly causing hysteria, there is a scientific reason. Dietary grains today are not the same as the ones eaten by our ancestors. They have been modified by hybridization, deamidation, and genetic modification, so their molecular structures are different than they were 50 years ago. Typically gluten discussions are linked to Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder. It is possible to have gluten reactions without having Celiac, and it is possible to have Celiac that is not causing gut problems. When Celiac is impacting just the brain, the diagnosis is often overlooked. One of the key concerns with gluten consumption is that once the body is reactive, even a small quantity can cause a serious response in the body. So a little bit doesn't make it okay! And since there is no known way (according to current scientific understanding) to heal autoimmunity, it is extremely important to determine your health status in regards to gluten. It is also important to understand that going off gluten can cause a reaction similar to that of drug addiction since it can stimulate opiate receptors in the brain. A true no gluten trial needs to be 2-4 weeks, and it symptoms worsen, it probably means you are on the right track. Professional support to check for gluten sensitivity, autoimmunity and a potential leaky gut could be essential to proper awareness of an individual body picture and successfully managing a transition to a truly healthy lifestyle. An excellent foundation to getting the body on track is a diet to revitalize the entire terrain of the gut. See

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