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Genetics and Your Invisible Love Blueprint

If you’ve ever felt doomed by the genetic lot you were dealt, look again. You might be surprised to know that more than 95 percent of humans are born with a genetic makeup that offers perfect health, along with an invisible blueprint for the purposeful unfolding of a life path. While there are the complicating factors of family dynamics, energy influences, and toxins in our foods and environment that impact physical health, the exciting news in the science of epigenetics is that individual choices are key to determining genetic outcome. It is perception that controls cellular behavior, according to epigenetic researcher Dr. Bruce Lipton. Cell membranes perceive energy signals in the cellular environment, and then adjust the body's biology, thus determining which genetic templates are expressed in each body. Lipton calls this the biology of belief.

Taking it a step further, Lipton boils down the distinction facing cellular health ultimately to Love versus Fear. So, when in step with that which brings alignment, such as a dedicated life purpose in the world, cells have a chance to be happy and healthy, resonating with love.

When cells are sick, look not only to the environment, but to the little voice inside that guides from the Soul’s enduring presence. It is this voice too that provides access to unfolding the divine blueprint held in the energy field.

Lipton identifies three things that alter the signals of the cellular environment, leading to illness expressed through genetics:

  • The Mind: Words, beliefs and feelings filtering through thoughts. This is the part where "unseen" energy signals communicate with the body via neuro-chemistry and the immune system.

  • Trauma: Insults to the body that are physical, emotional, or mental.

  • Toxins: From foods, water, the environment, and toxic thoughts.

Understanding this, there is control over at least two of the three factors. Alignment with purpose is another powerful part of the puzzle, as observed in the case of a client named Jen. She shared that she had been suffering from severe immune depletion until she finally stepped firmly onto her purposeful work in the world. At that point, her health completely shifted, as she dynamically delivers her gifts in the world!

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