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If You Really Want to Be Healthy...

True health requires that you ask yourself some big questions (below)! This gives you a clear picture of where you really want to go. One of my old teachers would always say, “Your body believes every word you say.”

Just wanting symptoms to go away is not enough if you want to take charge, honor all of you who are and understand more deeply the messages your body is trying to communicate with you.

Making powerful changes takes a powerful stance and the willingness to claim what you are seeking, and be willing to listen to whatever that is, even when it pushes your edges and feels uncomfortable.

The good news and the bad news is that once you’ve told your Soul you’re here to wake up and listen, there’s no turning back! Now you become more accountable AND more sensitive. So when you don’t listen to the gentle whispers guiding you toward change, you will be reminded, often in ways that are painful and expressed through body symptoms.

Remember, in the paradigm of awakening, your body is your friend and guide who is here to alert you not only when things are out of alignment but to provide you with messages to serve your growth.

Both the symptoms and the messages can come in the form of body pain, organ dysfunction, and/or the emotional symptoms of anxiety and depression. A big example of this in my own life came with the unrelenting back pain I was experiencing during the last year of my marriage many years ago.

My intuition was telling me something was very wrong, yet I denied that divorce was anywhere on the horizon because it seemed far too painful to break up my family. So the pain of not being aligned with the truth of my life literally flattened me on the floor for at least a day every month, and no practitioner could figure out what was wrong. I was disempowered in my life, and my lower back was going to keep talking to me until I got the message. It was only after my former husband and I got real with the necessary changes in our lives that my back AND MY LIFE could heal.

Stories like these are common, and I have witnessed many life breakthroughs with my clients over the past 25 years when they come to understand the deeper messages in their pain.

If you are destined for a fully aligned life, start by asking yourself some questions about how you’d like to feel in your body and your life experience. Then prepared for the inner guidance that comes, which will lead you to the people and the steps that are just right for your Soulful Alignment!

When you’re body is screaming out, begin by crafting answers to these questions so your body will know you’re serious:

1. How would I like to feel? Find positive, juicy words.

2. What would I be doing differently if I felt this way? Activities, relationships, creative endeavors, work in the world.

It is best to do this when you’re feeling energized and connected with your higher Self. Before taking on this assignment, get outside in nature, take a walk or put on some music and dance, something that gets your energy moving so you can really FEEL YOURSELF. Then sit quietly and journal for 15-30 minutes, considering these questions. Get specific. Let yourself dream. Have fun with this!

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