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Ride the waves of calming waters infused by blessings from the vast Universe as you enter the Sacred Space within. This portal is particularly potent for opening the third eye. 

Attune to the Feminine Divine, opening your body and meditation space to receive from the well of deep wisdom of your Sacred Womb chakra. Journey 'back to the garden.' 


The frequency, shapes and vibrance of this special portal opens a gateway to the mother of us all, supporting and nourishing your connection with the Great Mother. 

vibrational art meets
the Meditation zafu cushion

IMG_6952 (2).jpeg
wombgarden pillow .jpeg



25 % Off

 Fuel your meditation with an original Portal Pillow design by Neesa.



- JUST $133 -

25 percent off the regular price of $177

Pick your design and code PORTALPILLOWLAUNCH to get free shipping at checkout.

*Free $22 meditation download with each pillow purchase


It's More Than Just a Pretty Pillow. It's a one of a kind Spiritual Tool.

  • Uplevel your personal energy system by resting on Sacred Geometry while you meditate

  • Transport yourself through a Spiritual Portal with the consciousness expanding image of your cushion 

  • Fuel your spiritual senses with purposeful meditation, guided by the high vibe of these sacred designs

  • Empower access to the unified field of awareness with the support of channeled frequency art

  • Discover inner shift and healing as you connect to your very own Portal Pillow

*Each design in the collection emerged through deep meditation, an acrylic painting process and prayer ceremony.
First as altars, now as portal pillows. 
Channeled and painted by Neesa, sacred space shaman and priestess.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful meditation pillows! They are so soft and magical and provide enough support for meditation and healing groups! They look amazing in my sacred space and I love their portal power and beautiful colors! I love the pillows! They are amazing! "

- Christina, priestess of the Phoenix Healing Temple 

christina pillows.jpg

These pillows are handmade with love in the US, with 100% organic cotton fabrics and stuffed with kapok, the traditional fill used for meditation cushions in India.
Check out the inspiring production story in Neesa's Blog
Premier quality, comfort, and beauty

Enjoy a guided meditation channeled by Neesa to accompany the design of your choice
 And soar to the next frontier of your consciousness journey!
*Yours free with each Portal Pillow purchase - downloadable meditation. $22 value. 

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